Temperature Display

To get a temperature display of your laptop.
> sudo apt-get install sensors-applet

Right click on the top dock area and select “Add to Panel…”
Scroll down to the Hardware section and click on Hardware Sensor Monitor.

Quick Enable/Disable of Compiz

If you are gaming, it requires Compiz disabled most of the time. I tried turning off compiz through the menu and setting special effects to off, but this ends up losing all compiz preferences that were set. To prevent it from losing your preferences, try the following from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=858569. Works great and a lot faster.

Turning it off:

Press Alt+F2. In the dialog box type:


Turning it on:

Press Alt+F2. In the dialog box type:


Forcing/Delaying File System Check

If a file named /fastboot exists, fsck will not be run on the next boot; useful when you’re going to give a presentation.

If a file named /forcefsck exists, the file system will be checked at the next boot, resetting the 30-mount count.

To create one of these files, you will need root permission: run

$ sudo touch /fastboot


$ sudo touch /forcefsck