Installing CouchApp on Ubuntu 10.04

CouchApp is a python tool to help develop, upload and clone applications meant for couchDb. Those applications are also known as “couchApps”.

The following recipe is used to install couchapp on Ubuntu 10.04. To use couchapp, you probably first need to install “couchdb”, but this is readily available from the usual repositories.

The issue in installing couchapp on Ubuntu 10.04 is that one needs to rely on some personal packages made available via

Warning: This recipe installs keys from developers on your platform. From this point on, your platform will trust packages made available from those individuals.

From a high level view, two packages are required:

  1. add-apt-repository: utility tool to easily add a new repository
  2. couchapp : the python tool itself
  3. python-restkit: a python library that couchapp is dependent on

Installing add-apt-repository

Installing python-restkit

Installing couchapp

2 Replies to “Installing CouchApp on Ubuntu 10.04”

  1. I received the same error, today. This error is caused by missing dependencies as a result of an update that was pushed via the PPA. To get it working again, I had to perform the following:
    > sudo apt-get install python-pip
    > pip install http-parser
    > sudo pip install watchdog

    Note that I experienced those errors and fix them in Ubuntu 11.04.

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