Karmic 9.10 Install Problems with SATA Drives

Middle of the night, trying to re-install Ubuntu on a crashed machine. Worse of luck.

Turns out, I am attempting to install Karmic 9.10 on a platform with a newly formatted SATA drive. Here are the symptoms:
1. Boot up using Desktop i386 Live CD
2. Select installing Ubuntu
3. Go through installer dialogs: language, time, keyboard. Those are fine
4. Select partition dialog fails to show any drives

Booting into live desktop and using GParted shows the drive just fine. So what is going on?

Reference: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1304772

Turns out, there is interactions between dmraid and SATA drives. Quick solution:
1. Boot into live desktop
2. Start Synaptic Package Manager
3. Search for “dmraid”
4. Uninstall all “dmraid” related packages
5. Proceed with install

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