So, the other day, I received the latest issue of Make magazine. Overall, fun and quick to read, but really targeted towards the beginning maker. On the last page was an infortisement about the Nvidia Jetson TK1 development board, on sale for $99USD. Whats this, I say, so I consult the Book of Knowledge. The Nvidia site says the Jetson TK1 has a quad core A15 (nice) and 192 CUDA cores (???). I am not a GPU guy, but I assume the CUDA cores have something to do with an Nvidia GPU, probably the shader cores (otherwise, having a large focus on the GPU business, why would they mention it). Time for more knowledge. Wikipedia has all the knowledge you would ever want, so lets look there. I will paraphrase a bit, but GPU this, parallel programming that, then “supports programming frameworks such as OpenACC and OpenCL”. More Yak shaving. In the OpenAAC article, they talk about Open64, OpenUH, OpenARC, OpenMP and OpenHMPP.

At this point, I was not willing to dive deeper, because, well, you know, I was just looking at the basics of what this board can do. Now my brain is full of OpenX monikers. At this rate, the OpenX crowd are going to reserve or use up all of the good names, just like all the valuable TLDs were snapped up, leaving crap names for great products like toggl.

So this is my official announcement, that I would like to reserve OpenIAN before it gets squandered on some stupid Internet Application Networking, or some other equally atrocious backronym.

OpenTalk to you OpenLater,
– OpenIAN

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