Use CTL-Tab for switching editor windows in Eclipse

This note relates to Eclipse SDK 3.6.0

Many development platforms and editors use the key combination CTL+Tab to switch between edited windows. In Eclipse, the default key combination is CTL+F6. However, the Eclipse platform is customisable and the key combination can easily be changed.

In using the Eclipse menu:

  • Window > Preferences > General > Keys
  • Select the command titled “Next Editor”
  • Click mouse in text box titled “Binding” and select all text
  • Press the key combination CTL+Tab. The text in the box should reflect the action
  • Press the button “Apply”

While you are at it, you should assign the binding “Shift+CTL+Tab” to the command titled “Previous Editor”

To back up your key bindings or port them into a different workspace, use the note in exporting and importing key bindings.

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