Wifi Killswitch does not enable Wifi

Over the past couple of days, I have seen a situation where I boot my laptop (Ubuntu Karmic) and the Network Manager applet insists that the wireless is disabled. Rebooting does not help. Examining the syslog showed that the OS found 2 kill switches and one of them was disabling the wireless. Examining the state showed that each kill switch state was affected by the single physical kill switch, but their states were the opposite of each other. So regardless of which position the kill switch is in, one of the kill switch devices would disable the wireless.

I turned the kill switch off and reboot the computer. When it came up, the kill switch drivers were now synchronized and turning the kill switch on caused the Network Manager to start looking for Wireless connections. Listing the kill switch states shows they are again synchronized.

This post at LinuxTrap shows that others are experiencing a similar condition.

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